Sonntag, 27. April 2014

Doodle butterflies

This is another funny exercise from Alisa Burke's online class. She keeps me really busy.

 Und hier ist gleich die nächste unterhaltsame Übung aus Alisa Burkes online class. Also ich bin echt gut beschäftigt.



  1. Stefanie, how very beautiful butterflies! Are you going to give them colors? I would love to see them colored. And thank you for your wonderful comments over at my site. Isn't it strange how ideas can strike two different persons at the same time? Cool.

  2. i love your doodle butterflies!!

  3. Great idea to doodle on bookpages! Love the endresult ♥

  4. Wieder wunderbar gelungen deine Schmetterlinge. Die Muster sind so schön vielfältig wie die Schmetterlingsarten die es gibt!

  5. These are so pretty and I love that they're drawn on book pages.


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