Freitag, 7. Juni 2013

TOP 7 - Week 23

Recently I had the idea to collect and to post my TOP 7's each week so that you can get to know me a little better. It would also make me very happy if you will sometimes tell me some of your TOP 7's of the week so that I can get to know you better too. I like it so much to share some thoughts and experiences of everydaylife with you.
TOP 1 is my planning 
Yesterday I went to IKEA and bought a little table and a drawer cabinet for my craft room. As you can see in picture one I still have to assemble the various parts and will probably do it tomorrow.

TOP 2 is what I am proud of
Since there was so much rain within the last weeks I did some crocheting at home and have nearly finished a new  cushion cover!

TOP 3 is what I like
And it was a very special highlight this week created by Tracey Fletcher King. It's called the CUPPA-WITH-FRIENDS-PROJECT. Why not go over to her blog and have a look ...

TOP 4 is what I saw this week
... or what I call some eye-catching stuff. I found these colorfull odds and ends above in our DIY superstore  ... 

TOP 5 is what I felt this week
And this was a deep desire for sunshine due to too much rain. So I had the sudden urge for some sunny colors and I started to paint a sunny picture which is still in progress ... you will of course see it soon.

TOP 6 is what I'm dreaming of
From my beloved aunt I got this cute, little, pink notebook as a birthdy present. And of course I daydreamed immediately of becoming a famous author. I want to write a heartbreaking novel with a lot of touching love scenes ... well I have already started and have currently reached page three ... 

TOP 7 is my favourite subject of well-being
Well, ... I love the illusion to be surrounded by strong and invincible heroes and this TV series called "HAWAII FIVE 0" really makes me feel very, very well!

Enjoy the weekend!


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  1. What a great idea to make a list like this. Just wish I had the time to sit and think about them, all go around here at the moment. I am very lucky to live close to Tracey Fletcher King and she is a wonderful person and so talented. She has helped me enormously over the years and I would certainly recommend anyone to visit her blog. You are very talented too, such a beautiful bright painting and writing a book. That is really something. Good luck with putting your Ikea items together, I always have trouble with them :)


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