Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2013


Yes, I know, the first of January is a perfect date to make a lot of plans and start a lot of new projects. 
It is in fact a great date for a beginning. Yesterday, when I thought of that and when I was prepared with my notebook and a pen to write down a proper list with some new ideas for the new year, my husband suddenly came around and asked me what actually should happen with the the blue knitting  I put in the plastic bag recently and forgot in his room and what actually should happen with the semi finished pictures and canvases I stored in his hobby room?

Well I didn't know what to respond to him and he listed a few more of my semi finished projects scattered about the house. At least he recommended not to note new projects to start but to note to finish projects I have already started.
He was right I think ...  Do you agree?
I already had so many beginnings in my life but not nearly as much as I finished them.

So I have listed my oldest beginnings and in 2013 I will try to begin finishing some projects.

Sending my best wishes to all of you!




  1. This blog post reminded me of all the things I have half done! I have good intentions though of finishing them.


  2. once you get all those finished then you can come and start on some of my unfinished work... I tell my lot that they are all part of the process so they stop whining about my work cluttering up the place ... and I am way too easily distracted to try to finish them off myself... so maybe you could do it for me... good luck with the finishing... xx

  3. Ach wie wunderbar...ich habe geschmunzelt über Deinen Post...weil ich wiedergefunden habe in all den angefangenen Sachen, die alle auf Vollendung warten...aber weisst Du was, ich glaub ein guter Künstler kann garnicht ein Ding nach dem anderen tun...manche Dinge brauchen Zeit um neue Inspirationen aufzufangen...aber so richtig befriedigend ist es doch nur, wenn man mal wieder ein Pojekt beendet, oder nicht ;) Dir auch ein wundervolles, kreatives und frohes Neues Jahr ~ Conny

  4. Sehr beruhigend zu sehen, dass es Dir gut geht*g*hahaha ja die guten Vorsätze, ich bin aohl viel zu chaotisch, um alles zu regeln wie es "Sein sollte". Ich ärger mich über mich selber, aber wenn ich Zeit habe, fällt mir eben immer was anderes ein:-)
    Vergiss uns nicht ganz, ich wünsche Dir einen schönen Tag,
    lG Anja

  5. I think every one (Maybe every artistic and crafty person) has this problem of starting projects and never finishing them! I know I do! Best of luck finishing them!


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